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Hello beautiful people :)

I can’t tell you guys how good it feels to finally say that I’ve found a lip balm that actually works.  I’ve dealt with chapped lips for years now, and it has always been one of my insecurities that I couldn’t fix.  About six months ago I asked my dermatologist what he recommended for my chapped lips (he suggested Aquaphor), and I tried using it for a few months, but it still didn’t work.  My lips were still dry and chapped!

A few days ago I was in the makeup department at Nordstrom and one of the makeup artists suggested I try La Mer Lip Balm.  I have always loved La Mer products, but tended to stay away from their products because it was too pricey $$$.  But for this, I said what the hell.  He said it worked wonders on his chapped lips, so I needed to try it out and see for myself.  It seemed a little silly to spend $55 on chapstick, but I was willing to take that risk.  I’ve been using the lip balm every night before bed only for a few days now and I can already tell a huge difference!  I wake up with smooth and soft lips.  I’m also drinking lots of water to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

I wonder why my lips were so chapped in the first place?  Could it be that I need to drink more water or that I wear too much lipstick?  Probably both haha.  Speeeeaking of lipstick, I added a new color to the collection.  It ‘s name is Retro by MAC.  It’s in the same family as Twig (the color that I wear everyday), but it has slightly more reddish tones.

And believe it or not, I just became a lipliner user.  I don’t know why I haven’t used it before? When you wear lipstick as much as I do, sometimes you’ll notice that it can get quite messy at times.  To avoid smudges and over drawn lipstick smudges, I got the Chicory lip liner by MAC.  I’ll probably only use the liner when I’m going to an event, dinner, photoshoot, etc.  Probably not to the grocery store or to run errands hehe (Yes I wear lipstick to the grocery store).



Taylor Swift concert is tonight… can’t wait!



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This is a reminder for all of you guys.  If you’re on your way to a concert, make sure you check the damn tickets!  Austin and I made this mistake yesterday, when we drove all the way to downtown LA Live for the Taylor Swift concert and realized that the tickets were for WEDNESDAY!!! Haha the lady scanning our tickets was like ”Umm, these are for Wednesday,” and we look at each other like woooooowwwwww haha.

After that embarrassing moment we went to go get a drink at the J.W. Marriott and then Katsuya for some sushi! See you Wednesday, T. Swift!

Have you guys been to a Taylor Swift concert before?  How is it?!

dress:  Urban Outfitters // shoes: San Marina // 






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Hi all!

Out with the old and in with the new!  Or maybe just in with the new haha.  I wanted to show you guys the new curler I got from T3.  I have never tried their curlers but if they are ANYTHING like their hair dryers, they will be life changing.  I got the white whirl convertible curler with an extra wand that specializes in polished curls.  Get it here!

It’s a 1 1/2 inch rod, which is the same size I always use to achieve loose, relaxed curls.  (This is what I’ve found to be the biggest rod I can use that still holds the curls.  I’ve realized that if the size of the curler is too big, your hair won’t hold the curl.  For my hair, 1 1/2 inch curlers are the happy medium!)

It’s called convertible because the rods are interchangeable.  So basically you can have three curlers in one!  Dream come true? I think yes.

Also see my new black heels from Nasty Gal.  They just opened up a brand new store in Santa Monica.  The store is gorgeous, and I went bananas over these shoes.  Find them here, they were only $78!

The Alexander Wang skirt and dress were gifts from Austin for our 6 month.  I’ve never had a guy buy me clothes before, and I have to say he did soooooo damn good.  Thanks baby!




IMG_7540 (1)



PS.  Makeup tutorial update: we couldn’t use the one we filmed, so we need to re-film it.  Were going over some techniques and we will have that for you soon, please be patient <3  I am surprising you guys with something VERY soon to make up for it!



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Ohhhh no. I accidentally committed one of the top 5 relationship crimes. I forgot our anniversary! But it’s ok, because it’s only our 6 month-aversary haha.  I do still think it’s really special though, its the first big milestone in any relationship!!

Austin is just the cutest. He told me to plan on being ready for dinner around 7:30 pm, and that dinner would be around 8 pm (I guess I didn’t think anything of it because he always does cute things like that?!). When he came to pick me up, he walked in my apartment with red roses and guess what…. I STILL DIDN’T REMEMBER!!!! He was like, ”I tried to get six, but the only option was a dozen.” And I was like ”oh, why would—OHHHHHH our 6 month!!!!!!” I am such a ding dong haha. Even worse, we were both talking about how our 6 month was coming up about two days ago!

Now we are on our way to dinner in West Hollywood. He is surprising me!!! :) 


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It’ssss picture day!  Today we took the official photos for the Montazami Brand cards that each customer will receive in their package<3  We are trying to make each customer’s experience as special as it can be!

We LOVE the photos, and I’m sad I can’t post them here on the blog, but if you purchase a piece from the Montazami Brand you will see it!!

Here are some photos I took after the shoot.  Can you tell I got a blow out today?  I cannot explain to you guys how great it felt to have my hair blowdried by someone else.  Why is it so damn relaxing?!





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Hi :)

It’s weird how connected we are to our phones these days, yet we still forget to keep in touch with the ones we love most. I talk to my mom and Sara everyday, but I need to make more of an effort to do that with the rest of the family! Being busy is no excuse! Don’t get me wrong, we all keep in touch, I just think it should be more! Do you guys feel this way too?

Today Sara and I facetimed Nicho, and we invited him to come up and visit us in LA! How fun would that be?! Maybe he can guest blog when he visits us :)

Yesterday we facetimed Emma, who’s currently going through recruitment at her school! Unfortunately she has a bad cold, which is the WORST timing ever, but if she’s herself I know she will do great either way :) She will find the sorority that fits her best! Good luck Emma!         Tonight Austin and I made a dinner dish that screams summer time. Roasted corn, grilled flank steak, and fresh peaches and nectarines with an ice cold Great White beer :) YUM.

What are you guys doing?



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Sipping celebratory champagne right after we finished moving Emma into her new dorm!


Boarding the plane to return back to Orange County.  Did I ever tell you guys that I have plane OCD?  I always have to touch both sides of the outside of the plane before I walk on hehe. 


I put together and decorated the serving cart for our apartment!  We are obsessed with it :)

Awh.  Saying goodbye to Emma was so hard.  It was a very emotional moment.

Sister selfies


After my photoshoot for Kersh, a clothing line that just got picked up by Nordstrom!



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Hi guys!

Here are some shots from the Faces Apparel shoot Austin and I did a couple of weeks ago.  I’m currently in Arizona and just looking at these pictures of us makes me miss him so much!  We’ve been away from each other just one day, but I still don’t like being apart!

We are here in Arizona this weekend to move Emma into her college dorm.  This is all so exciting for her and I am sooo happy that she’s about to start this new chapter of her life.  Go Emma!  We’re sitting at the hotel restaurant enjoying some cold drinks and appetizers before we head out to see what Tucson has to offer!  We will try to find some good shopping and then enjoy a nice dinner :)










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I got a chance to take a few pictures before I left for my photoshoot yesterday!  I showed up in all white, feelin’ like a boss.  You should’ve seen me in the car trying so hard not to spill coffee on myself… People in the cars next to me must’ve thought ”why is that girl drinking her coffee to the side??” haha.

The photoshoot was for a clothing company called Kersh.  The location we shot at was very picture-friendly and the photos turned out amazing! Think rainbow painted fences, water fountains made out of green barrels, flower wallpaper, and ivy-covered walls.  Can’t wait to post them for you guys to see!

top: Urban Outfitters // shoes: Jeffrey Campbell // bag: Rebecca Minkoff // car: Range Ro– just kidding haha

IMG_7239  IMG_7231   IMG_7240






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What’s better than getting your hair styled and sipping champagne on a Monday?! This is exactly what I did yesterday evening at the launch party for the new line of T3′s curlers, straighteners, and blow dryers!  T3 is a top of the line hair styling brand that I have used religiously over the years.

The event brought in tons of bloggers from the LA area as well as magazine editors and PR teams.  I was greeted at the door with a cucumber lime vodka cocktail and an introduction to the new line.  They had different stations set up where you could style your own hair or get your hair done by a professional.  I chose the professional of course :)  He gave me loose, soft and romantic curls at the bottom, just what I love!

Throughout the night we mingled, tasted yellowtail appetizers and burrata crostinis, and sipped on champagne. I was beyond excited for the new convertible curling iron I received in my goodie bag! (I will show you guys later!)

A few other bloggers and I decided to head out a little early and grab dinner at a nearby restaurant called Fig & Olive.  We shared mixed olives and a crudo tasting for appetizers and I ordered a beef carpaccio for myself!

skirt by Helmut Lang // top by MinkPink // bag by Rebecca Minkoff // and shoes by Via Spiga






IMG_7171 IMG_7175



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Från startsidan

   Hallå där!!! Gissa vad jag åt till lunch? Jo en Montazami burgare som ni kan hitta på Curbside truckens meny i Stockholm. Jättegod!!!! Vi jobbade lite med mina viner det är…


 Mmm it felt so nice with a long nights sleep! This morning I went downstairs to have breakfast with my mom and we were sitting there so happy with our cheese and…


   Neeeej Sara vad hände??? Jag och Sara satt och åt en ljuvlig svensk frukost och så skulle vi gå och hämta en påtår. Sara tappar sin kaffekopp på mina byxor och…